ANPO statement on syndicated swindling charges, SEC probe 

Philbizwatcher’s note: Statement is full of grammatical errors but is nonetheless published in its entirety.

Press statement by Alliance of Networkers of the Philippines Organization (ANPO) founder Jose Olinares Jr.
Dec. 18, 2015 


Philippine’s only anti scam volunteer organization was smashed by severe negative publicity recently with false and malicious lies broadcast by one of the biggest TV network station.

Hardest hit by gusting wind ANPO Chairman JOSE R. OLINARES JR., who was allegedly labeled as principal in syndicated swindling and usurpation of authority & official function. Included in the complaint were the members of Board of Trustees, who do not have any knowledge. The said TV Network aired the legal complaint\;.,’ without verifying the facts of the case.

The complainants were Gwendelynn Jane Quizon, Corazon Sy Sabado, Rechelle A. Benganio, Nimpha E.F Alcantara and Michelle J. Lozano. They were assisted by Arcilla, Linzag & Associates Law Offices Located at 400 FUCB Bldg., Escolta St. Binondo, Manila. Upon verification at ANPO office, all the aforementioned were not ANPO members Olinares told this newspaper that ANPO never solicit financial assistance from members local and abroad in the production of the anti scam film “Upline Downline”.

ANPO as a non-government organization is maintaining an accounting system with respect to the membership dues, collection a member can anytime visit the office at Unit 311 Don Raul Bldg. 77 Kamuning Road Quezon City to check the cash flow of the organization.

The twist in this legal case of estafa who investigators said that networker’s leaders of a Europe-base Online Gold Trading Company using pyramiding marketing plan was behind the attack at ANPO.

In the past two weeks 350 complainants approach and seek assistance of ANPO to file a criminal/civil and administrative case against the above mentioned company they said that its only ANPO can sustain the legal battle.

It was the best opportunity to use the “squid clouding combat” versus ANPO.

The said complaint from the five aforementioned complainants who agreed to co-production of the anti-scam advocacy film “Upline Downline” with Active Media Events Production Co., which is a separate entity from ANPO.

It was a coincidence that the film was interrelated with ANPO due to films moral lesson and information dissemination. Since the movie theaters were fully book until January of 2016. AMEPCO failed to secure a regular showing of the said film. Only the SM theaters entertained the special screening, which was done last September 18 and October 4, 2015. I9t

Was at this period after two months that they were demanding income from their one million pesos co-production funding of the film.

Mr. Olinares explained to the complainants the production cost was within the budget of Three Million Pesos and their share was only a one third of the cost of the said film production in any business, the risk factor is always present. One of them, was the failure of Robinsons Movie World to comply the special screening on the 18th day of September to the said mall. In this incident the production failed to earn approximately the amount of P200, 000.00 pesos on the said dat.

The contract between the production and co-producers did not promise to a guarantee income even without showing and never give a time-framed on their return of investment to film.

The production and co-producer executed a Memorandum of Agreement detailing a scope of work, responsibilities and profit sharing. To prove that I do not remiss in my responsibilities, Olinares told the co-producers that he had already filed a civil case against Robinsons Movie World.

Olinares said that the co-producers received profit shares from the first and second screening in the amount of P53,000.00 and P94,000.00 respecting they need only a month a month to have a regular showing of the said film.

The job of entertaining and accommodating 800 complaints was not easy, to distribute the “load of inpatient complainants” they were endorse to the PNP CIDG, NBI, DTI and SEC – EIPD yet, at the news coverage which was aired over the Bandila last December 16, 2015 late night, SEC –EIPD Director Jose P. Aquino stated that ANPO never reported and endorse companies that engage in unauthorized investment –taking activities in fact SEC acknowledge receipt of said report in their letter to ANPO but still every week hundred of complainants seek help of ANPO.

They always comment that they have faith in ANPO rather than SEC within the next week ANPO legal counsel Atty. Marwil Llasos, the initial 16 victims will start filling a legal suit against the Global Intergold/Emgoldex at the Quezon City Prosecutors Office.

ANPO for the past Ten days was receiving poison and extortion letters the same letter were sent to DTI main office and SEC as well. This was part of the current attempts of a group to extort money from ANPO Olinares explained that the false information being spread by the syndicate was part of the groupls alleged attempt to extort the non-profit organization, “ANPO” President further said that we take this opportunity to counter the false information and miss representation broadcast by a national TV station.



Neither the complainants are members of ANPO, yet they filed complaints against ANPO claiming as such demanding payment of investment ANPO is not an investment house. When ANPO refused their demands the group went as far as to threaten the ANPO and Olinares that do not force us to escalate this matter out of proportion especially how that you are seeking public office.

ANPO further urged the “Scam Victims” to be vigilant in seeking legal assistance between valid groups against illegal design of those individuals. NBI also give warning to identify syndicates that will victimizing scam victims it was uncovered that this group uses dummy unregistered organizations like Katipunan ng mga Aping Pinoy. They send out malicious letters with fake return address.

Their modus operandi is to infiltrate an organization collect valuable information and data regarding its officials and clients included were the personal secrets, dissatisfied clients, past scandals which will then be used to black mail its officers and owners.

These information are used to extort million of pesos if no agreement will be reached the syndicate group will send out “poison letters” to all concern or TV network stations willing to be “victim” of the evil design should their victims give –in to the groups demand this will be the start of its effort to “suck “the victims until the organization will collapse.




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