Megawide-GMR team refutes accusation that it’s increasing terminal fees to fund Cebu airport project @InquirerBiz

GMCAC responds to PSC price hike on Mactan-Cebu

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (November 7, 2014) – GMR- Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC) responds to false reports that they are bringing about the increase in Passenger Service Charge (PSC) at the Mactan Cebu Airport because of its alleged lack of funds.

Oliver Tan, GMCAC Board of Director, said

“The accusation that GMCAC is increasing terminal fees to fund expansion and cover operating cost is absolutely not true and malicious. GMCAC is investing additional Php16 billion on top of the Php16 billion it spent for the premium or concession rights to fund the construction of Terminal 2.

“The increase in terminal fee or PSC was part of the concession agreement made by MCIAA and the DOTC to all bidders of the project. It is not a special arrangement or privilege afforded to GMCAC,” explained Louie Ferrer, President of GMCAC.

Terminal operations of the Mactan-Cebu Airport were officially handed over to GMCAC last November 01, 2014. GMCAC is keen on strengthening Cebu’s position as the country’s most popular destination. They have been making improvements from Day 1 of the hand-over to make the Mactan-Cebu Airport the “friendliest gateway”.


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