Revised BDO advisory on ATM fees: P2/transaction remains for holders of BDO cash cards

Note: Previous advisory stated there’s no charge for holders of BDO Cash Cards (reloadable prepaid debit cards). BDO clarification is in bold fonts.

BDO ATM Debit and Cash Cardholders withdrawing through any of the ATMs of Bancnet, Expressnet and Megalink will be charged a fee of P15 per transaction effective November 4, 2013.

The change in withdrawal fee from P11 to P15 is an industry-wide development to basically cover the cost of operating the ATMs.

Meanwhile, no cost will be applied to BDO ATM Debit Cardholders (those with Regular Deposit Accounts) on withdrawal transactions done through any of the over 2,000 BDO ATMs nationwide. Holders of BDO Cash Cards (or Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards), on the other hand, are currently being charged a fee of P2 per transaction on withdrawals through any of BDO’s ATMs, an adjustment that formally took effect in September 2012.



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