CEOs of ASEAN Exchanges meet to discuss strategies for 2014


Makati, Manila, 16 August 2013 –

Discussions held at 19th ASEAN Exchanges CEOs meeting today centered on key strategies to further promote ASEAN as an asset class particularly through the marketing of ASEAN investment opportunities. Since the launch of ASEAN Exchanges website in Bali in April 2011, a number of key initiatives have been rolled out with the aim to bring more opportunities to more investors across ASEAN.

The Philippine Stock Exchange President and CEO, Hans B. Sicat said, “The ASEAN Exchanges collaboration continues to move forward in strength. The agreement to rollout key marketing initiatives in the last couple of years including the enhanced ASEAN website, the marketing of the ASEAN Stars and the Invest ASEAN retail roadshow has produced a strong momentum and awareness amongst investors as well as regulators and capital market players in the region.

“Indeed the marketing of the ASEAN Stars must continue for a borderless ASEAN capital market to thrive. Investors should be familiar with trading ASEAN stocks just as they are trading stocks in their home market. To this end, the market can expect to see more initiatives rolled out into 2014 to profile the exciting companies listed on the seven exchanges in ASEAN”, continued Mr Sicat.

As a point of reference and resource on ASEAN investments, investors can also refer to the ASEAN Exchanges website which is built around the ASEAN Stars. ASEAN Stars are the 180 ASEAN blue-chip stocks, which represent the 30 most exciting companies of each ASEAN country as ranked by investability in terms of market capitalisation and liquidity. The ASEAN Exchanges website features aggregated ASEAN content allowing investors to view the performance of the seven ASEAN exchanges individually as well as providing a single, integrated view of the ASEAN market. A FTSE/ASEAN Indices Weekly Report is also available on the ASEAN Exchanges website.

The seven ASEAN Exchanges have a combined market capitalisation of approximately USD2.0 trillion and more than 3,600 companies listed on their exchanges. Some of these companies are the largest and most dynamic companies in the world, including leaders in finance and banking, energy, telecommunications, commodities, automotive manufacturing and other industrial sectors.

– end​-

ASEAN Exchanges is a collaboration of seven exchanges from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The collaboration aims to promote the growth of the ASEAN capital market by driving cross-border collaboration, streamlining access to ASEAN, creating ASEAN centric products and implementing targeted promotional initiatives.

The goal of the collaboration is to bring more ASEAN investment opportunities to more people as well as enhance liquidity amongst members of the collaboration.

ASEAN Exchanges’ CEOs comprise Dato’ Tajuddin Atan of Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Mrs. Phan Thi Tuong Tam of Hochiminh Stock Exchange, Mr. Tran Van Dzung of Hanoi Stock Exchange, Mr. Ito Warsito of Indonesia Stock Exchange, Mr. Hans B. Sicat of The Philippine Stock Exchange, Mr. Magnus Bocker of Singapore Exchange, and Mr. Charamporn Jotikasthira of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


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